AI Enables Sales and Marketing to Improve the Customer Journey and Increase Direct Bookings


The Problem at Hand

RevGen (Sales, Marketing, and Revenue) in the hotel industry faces various challenges, from understanding the potential of emerging technology to improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience while facing mounting pressures of declining revenues and increased costs due to inflation and labor. Beneath these concerns is the significant issue of the post-pandemic skills gap.

Old Practices, Time, and the Skills Gap

Historically, many RevGen teams have chosen the easy route – repeating their strategies from the past or copying competitors. This method, though safe, is cumbersome and slow and can leave gaps that need addressing, especially when resources are spread thin.

Another universal challenge that plagues RevGen teams is time. Many teams lack the daily hours to accomplish all that’s required, especially in content creation.

In addition, many individuals in the industry may not possess the necessary expertise in marketing, sales, revenue, or even customer experience. With the pandemic’s purge of top talent, the industry has a lot of people who are new or are at a junior level.

The Need For Assistance on Where and How to Start

Adopting new technology can be intimidating. Concerns range from the sheer overwhelm of using advanced tools to fears surrounding data privacy and potential legal implications.

There is a simple five-step process to roll out AI in your company. The process starts with education about the technology and its capability. It then focuses on the organization to establish a task force, guidelines/policies, and an overarching strategy and selects a pilot to test and measure. This process helps to identify tasks that are repetitive and admin-heavy. They can now be automated, letting hotel associates shift from mere ‘doing’ to more strategic ‘thinking’ and providing the hospitality that led them to join the ranks of the business to begin with.

The immediate results of AI-enabled technology solutions are the acceleration of productivity and the elevation of quality across all deliverables.

Sales, Marketing, and the Enhanced Guest Journey

Hotels can tailor the guest journey to drive more direct bookings by incorporating AI-enabled applications into the Sales and Marketing functions. Hotels can now offer content that speaks directly to individual guests rather than broadcasting generic messages.

While direct bookings are a significant draw, these applications offer more. It streamlines processes, drives efficiency, and ensures a high-quality guest experience throughout their journey.


Embracing technology in the hotel industry is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. With solutions like AI-enabled technology, hotels can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they remain competitive and offer guests unparalleled experiences.

By Michael Goldrich

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