GAIN PR & Business Communications Professional Service Pack

For too long, PR has been misunderstood as a mere tactical tool for generating event buzz or media attention. The truth is PR offers so much more when aligned with an organization’s business objectives, supporting growth in significant ways.

Introducing GAIN PR & Business Communications Professional Service Pack What is it?

The GAIN PR & Business Communications Professional Service Pack is designed to provide founders, start-ups, as well as departments and organizations in the travel, hospitality, and restaurant technology sectors with a strategic communication audit and plan designed to drive business results.

A communication strategy’s success ultimately depends on the ownership and commitment of senior leadership and the adoption of the right tools and technologies to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. This service pack enables business owners and corporate executives to gain competitive advantage to do so.

What does the Service Pack Entail?

  1. Strategy communication discovery workshop(s) to take a deep dive into your organization and get a thorough understanding of your business goals
  2. An audit of your existing communication assets, content and collateral, including presentation decks and campaigns, as well as a detailed review of your online presence, including social media and your website with detailed recommendations for optimization
  1. A strategic communications plan comprising:
    1. A communication SWOT analysis
    2. Communication objectives, KPIs and measurement tools
    3. Your audience; stakeholder analysis, and audience segmentation
    4. Your story; recommendations for positioning and messaging, as well as your brand narrative and elevator pitch
    5. Your channels; a communication channel map for owned, paid, and earned media with suggested content pillars for each channel
    6. Your tools; an overview of the latest immersive technologies, AI resources and communication tools you can deploy to gain competitive advantage through strategic PR
    7. Your plan; a 6 or 12-month internal, digital, PR, editorial, and thought leadership program with a detailed implementation plan

Optional Additional Services

  • Implementation Support – we can guide and support you and your team with the implementation of the communication plan through advisory, knowledge sharing, regular content reviews, and campaign evaluations.
  • Capacity Building – we can work with your team to identify and develop key skills and competencies, to guide the implementation of your strategic PR & communications, and help you procure professional PR & business communication services from agencies, freelancers and other service providers
  • Interim communications management – we can temporarily manage your PR & Communications.

Evaluation Steps

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current PR & communication efforts and the opportunities to improve your visibility and market presence to drive business results
  • Finetune and articulate your value proposition and positioning in the market to be able to effectively tell your story to the people that matter most
  • Maximize the return on your investment in PR & communications by focusing on the right activities and content to reach your target audiences

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