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Future of Hotel Technology

Navigating the Future of Hotel Technology: Strategies for Optimization and Innovation

The hotel industry faces a crucial turning point in today’s fast-paced digital era. Technology has emerged as a facilitator and a cornerstone of the hospitality experience. From streamlining operations to enhancing guest satisfaction, the importance of technology in

April 19, 2024

AI: The Unmet Promise in Travel

But it’s not just about jumping on the bandwagon. How to navigate AI with practicality. The travel industry buzzes with talk of artificial intelligence (AI), but beneath the surface, there’s a gap between aspiration and action. Companies, from

April 9, 2024
anthony melchiorri

Hotel Operations: Beyond Surface-Level Fixes

“Hotels aren’t just buildings; they’re beacons of hospitality.” This bold statement encapsulates the essence of effective hotel management, an area where many establishments falter, not for lack of trying, but due to a misguided approach. Identifying the Core

January 8, 2024

AI Enables Sales and Marketing to Improve the Customer Journey and Increase Direct Bookings

The Problem at Hand RevGen (Sales, Marketing, and Revenue) in the hotel industry faces various challenges, from understanding the potential of emerging technology to improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience while facing mounting pressures of declining revenues

November 17, 2023
EGTM service pac

Unlocking European Markets: The Key to Success through Strategic Partnerships

Expanding your business into the European market is a promising venture with immense growth and success potential. However, to truly unlock the opportunities that Europe has to offer, forming strong partnerships is crucial. Establishing a working relationship with

September 11, 2023
pr and business communications

The Magic of PR: Connecting the Dots in a Cluttered Media Landscape

Public relations (PR) is a powerful yet often misunderstood tool in today’s business world. For a long time, PR was seen as a tactical instrument to generate buzz around events or quickly garner media attention. However, this perception

July 11, 2023

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