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Professional Service Pack

What is it?

The GAIN GTM Partnership Europe Professional Service Pack is for startups and scale-ups in North America to conquer the thriving European market. Our Go-to-Market (GTM) Partnership Strategy, centered around Partnership Growth, is designed to unlock untapped potential, foster brand awareness, and drive exponential indirect sales growth.

Key Objectives

  • Market Entry: The primary objective would be to establish a strong foothold in the European market, gain brand recognition, and position the startup as a viable and competitive player in the industry.
  • Partner Ecosystem Development: Building a robust network of strategic partnerships would be a key goal. By collaborating with established European companies, the startup can leverage its market knowledge, customer base, and distribution channels to accelerate growth and gain market access.
  • Brand Awareness: Generating awareness about the startup’s products or services within the European market is crucial. The goal would be to create a positive brand image, differentiate from competitors, and generate interest and demand among potential customers via partners.


  • Lead Generation: Increasing lead generation and expanding the sales pipeline are essential objectives. By leveraging partnerships, the startup can tap into new customer segments and gain qualified leads, nurturing them through the sales funnel to drive conversions and revenue growth.
  • Indirect Sales Growth: The GTM strategy uses partnerships to drive indirect sales growth. The goal would be to establish a strong network of resellers, referral partners, or integration partners who actively promote and sell the startup’s offerings, resulting in increased revenue in complement to direct sales efforts.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey toward European expansion fueled by a GTM Partnership Strategy.
Reshape the landscape of your business, foster unparalleled growth, and unlock boundless success in the European market.

Key Components GTM Strategy Europe

  • Partnership Management Execution – European-Based (Optional)
  • Outsourcing Partnership Management: Unlock the full potential of your partnership program(s) by entrusting our Senior Executive, based in Europe, with the management and optimization of your partnerships. Benefit from their expertise and experience.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Access guidance and support as we navigate the intricacies of managing your partnership program(s). Our team of experts will work to ensure the success of your partnerships.
  • Partner Ecosystem Growth: Experience exponential growth in your partner ecosystem through efficient recruitment, onboarding, and nurturing. Leverage our expertise to forge strong and strategic partnerships.
  • Performance Monitoring: Benefit from ongoing monitoring and assessment of partner performance, enabling proactive measures to boost lead generation and optimize results.
  • Quarterly Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your indirect sales performance through comprehensive quarterly reports highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • Hotel Tech Company Assessment
  • Company Review: Immerse us in your company story, team, product, visionary mission, unique business model, compelling value proposition, and your position amidst fierce competition.
  • Commercial Review: Let us delve into your growth performance, current and future goals, and expansion strategy. We will examine your sales funnel to identify areas of improvement.
  • Partnerships Review: Engage in a comprehensive survey to evaluate the role of partnerships within your organization. We will analyze your current partnerships and their results to ascertain opportunities for improvement and identify potential avenues for growth.
  • Defining Milestones & Goals: Together, we will align your objectives with the goals of our GTM strategy, ensuring that our collaboration propels your startup toward success.
  • Project Management & Deliverables
  • Partnership Program Implementation: Collaborate with us in implementing one or more partnership programs tailored to your unique needs, whether an Integration Partner Program, Referral, or Reseller Partner Program.
  • Value Proposition and Messaging: Develop compelling value propositions and messaging to resonate with your partners. These resources will amplify your brand’s influence and accelerate partner engagement.
  • Partnership Agreements: Establish robust partnership agreements based on the identified partner programs. These agreements will safeguard your interests while fostering a harmonious and productive partnership ecosystem.
  • Partner Sales Enablement: Empower your partners with a comprehensive partner kit, including all the essential resources they need to promote and sell your products or services effectively.
  • Partnership Co-Marketing & Co-Selling Playbook: Benefit from a curated playbook that outlines co-marketing and co-selling strategies, enabling seamless collaboration and revenue generation with your partners.
  • Custom Partner Landscape: Explore a bespoke partner landscape recommending key individuals and companies establish connections within Europe. Leverage our extensive network to accelerate your partnership ecosystem growth.
  • Weekly Consultation: Engage in regular one-hour conference calls, where we provide invaluable guidance and support, ensuring the successful implementation of the GTM strategy.
  • Hotel Tech GTM Strategy Report
  • Proposal Partnership Plan: Delve into a crafted partnership plan designed to grow your startup toward success in the European market. This comprehensive proposal will outline actionable steps to achieve your objectives.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Benefit from our strategic expertise as we provide customized recommendations for tools and solutions specific to your European expansion goals. Leverage our insights to gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Next Steps: Gain clarity and direction with an implementation roadmap, timeline, and expected outcomes.
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