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Fundraising Optimized

We are experienced C-Suite and SVP level executives, former founders and commercial, technical, marketing and operations advisors, who have developed and managed an extensive global network of VCs, angels and fundraising relationships. We have funded and lead M&A, as well as seed to series investment executions.

When working with the GAIN Funding advisory service and our highly innovative cloud based, integrated funding platform, your firm has the access, experience and momentum of the Growth Advisors International Network and eliminates the need for 5-6 different products for 1 optimized managed services funding option.

gain funding
One to many - the wrong way

Even after building your pitch deck then comes the challenging and inefficient process to individually ensure your deck is in the right hands, 100s of Crunchbase searches to build your investor CRM, and finally launching an SPV to raise from dozens of angels. Don’t forget about getting intros, pitching, and actually raising money while building your company.

Drive fundraising engagement

After years of being founders & investors, we were continually frustrated by the inefficient funding process and decided to organize an optimized, centralized cloud based hub for all things funding. One that not only consolidates all efforts and tracks investor interest and execution in one place, but most importantly, saves time and delivers engagement impact to our actively managed international funding network.

Making your raise effortless

By working with our networked and experienced GAIN advisors and our optimized efficient funding platform, we’re making fundraising streamlined so that you can stay focused on what’s most important, managing and growing your business.

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