Sales 360 Professional Service Pack

Many organizations face growing pains as they evolve, adapt to market changes, and expand their customer base. These challenges could include high churn rates, the need to reinvent legacy customer bases, and the skill set mismatch between salespeople and their business segments.

Introducing GAIN Sales 360
Professional Service Pack
What is it?

The GAIN Sales 360 Professional Service Pack is an objective-based audit of an organization’s sales operations, answering the questions, “What kind of team is currently in place, and are they up to the challenge of meeting revenue goals?”

It encompasses a comprehensive sales team review, competencies, proposal processes, value propositions, sales solutions or CRM usage, and pipeline management. Additionally, the audit examines the alignment between sales and support departments, such as marketing, and any partnership or distribution models in place.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the sales and support team’s competency and capabilities.
  • Evaluate current processes, supporting material, and strategies.
  • Institutionalize knowledge to streamline efficiency, even keep turnover of needed talent to a minimum.
  • Prepare for longer-term organizational shifts to maximize effectiveness.

Evaluation Steps

  • Interview of personnel.
  • Competency and capabilities assessment.
  • Automated sales system review.
  • Sales process review.
  • Alignment between business target and sale forecast review.
  • Sales support review.
  • Sales management analysis.
  • Existing partnerships review.

The audit’s success ultimately depends on a C-level sponsor, such as the CEO or co-founder. Their involvement ensures a high level of commitment to addressing the challenges and implementing the necessary changes.

Various levels of interaction can be effective for this project, depending on the degree of help and participation desired and the long-term goals. GAIN Advisors’ involvement should collaborate with the designated team, providing recommended adjustments or work distribution changes and specific skills development and/or counseling to any employees identified as required.

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GAIN Advisor

Karen O’Neill, a prominent figure in the hospitality sector, boasts over two decades of experience, including significant roles at MICROS Systems (now Oracle Hospitality) and KnockOut Hospitality Consulting, LLC, which she established in 2013. Her tenure at MICROS Systems spanned 15 years, focusing on project management, account management, sales, and strategies. At KnockOut, Karen’s team provides operational streamlining and management services, bolstering the client-vendor relationship through technology and strategy. In 2015, Karen joined StayNTouch, a SaaS property management system provider, driving global sales and marketing initiatives and playing a vital part in their expansion. StayNTouch was later acquired by MCR Hotels in 2020. Karen later moved to Knowcross in 2017, serving as President, Americas, and Global Marketing head. She focused on expanding Knowcross’s operations and sales initiatives, particularly their innovative housekeeping automation products. After UniFocus acquired Knowcross in 2021, Karen became the SVP, Americas, focusing on growth and transition. Karen is an advisor today to many growing startups and an instrumental GAIN Advisor and internal GAIN Sales process champion.

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What exactly does the GAIN AI Service Kit include?

A comprehensive audit and detailed deep dive analysis of the sales and strategies of a company.

How long does the audit process take?

2-3 month engagement is typical.

What is the cost of the GAIN Sales 360 Professional Service Pack?

The service pack cost depends on the engagement and size of your current sales or business development organization.

How does GAIN differentiate itself from other providers?

GAIN differentiates itself from other providers in that we are true advisory services versus consultancy. Our talented group of advisors comprises senior leaders in the hospitality industry. We are looking for long-term strategic relationships versus short-term contractual transactions.

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